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Venta de finca autosostenible en Palmitas, Vereda Urquita, Medellín

Price of sale


Colombian pesos

Property details

  • Country: Colombia
  • Department: Antioquia
  • City: Medellín
  • Code: 7031749
  • Status: Second-hand
  • Area Built: 199 m²
  • Area Ground: 12973 m²
  • Area Private: 12973 m²
  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • Rating: 2
  • Built year: 2010
  • Property type: Estate
  • Business type: Sale

Inside featuress

  • Furnished
  • Built-in Wardrobes
  • Auxiliary bath
  • Library/Study
  • Closets
  • Pantry
  • Deposit
  • Sauna
  • Panoramic view
  • Laundry area
  • Single family

Outside features

  • Tourist Areas
  • Fruit trees
  • Near urban area
  • Garden
  • Warehouse
  • Kiosk
  • Yard
  • Public transport nearby
  • Terrace
  • Country zone
  • Residential area
  • Single family Home
  • Parkland

Additional Description

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Farm for Sale, an investment opportunity with great economic and environmental profitability! Located in Palmitas, Vereda Urqueta, in the Municipality of Medellín, just 5 minutes from the Western Tunnel. The farm enjoys an average temperature of 22.5 °C and receives varying monthly precipitation of 165 mm, with two distinct rainy periods, mainly between April and June, and the second rainy period from September to early December.

Parcel Layout: The La María farm covers an area of 1.29 hectares (12,973.9 square meters) and is divided into four lots. These lots are dedicated to the cultivation of coffee, bananas, citrus fruits, vegetables, and a reserve area (forest) where everything grows naturally. The property also includes a chicken coop for raising local chicken breeds. The agricultural production area spans 0.35 hectares, roughly 28.68% of the total property. The infrastructure and common areas cover approximately 0.019 hectares, around 1.55% of the property, while the reserve area (forest) covers about 0.85 hectares, approximately 69.67% of the total farm.

Bananas: The banana lot spans 0.043 hectares (432.66 square meters). It includes crops at different stages of growth, and the cultivation follows agroecological practices. The primary purpose is for sale, with a small portion allocated for family self-sustainability.

Chicken Coop: The chicken coop infrastructure covers an area of 15.71 square meters, primarily used for raising local chicken breeds and producing eggs for both sale and consumption on the farm.

Biofactory: In the biofactory, mountain microorganisms are utilized to create biofertilizers that combat major pests and diseases, promoting foliage, flowering, and fruiting of crops while improving soil quality. Solid-phase microorganisms are collected in the mountains and mixed with cornmeal, molasses, and other components. They are left to decompose 7 cm below the ground for a month before transitioning to the liquid phase. The farm is also equipped with a poultry section for self-sustainability.

The farm is situated in Vereda Urquita in the San Sebastián de Palmitas district, which is part of the Medellín municipality. It covers an area of 1.29 hectares and is located 45 minutes from the metropolitan area. The main access road to the farm is the old road to the coast, which used to connect Medellín with western Antioquia. As previously mentioned, the farm enjoys an average temperature of 22.5 °C and receives varying monthly precipitation of 165 mm, with two distinct rainy periods between April and June, and from September to early December. As shown in the graph, precipitation exceeds evapotranspiration, making the region humid.


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